New Buildings

The company has designed numerous buildings for various clients in Turkey and other countries. These facilities can be grouped as follows.
Office Buildings.
Hospitals and Health Care Facilities.
Factories and Manufacturing Facilities.
Military Facilities
Housing, and Residential Facilities.
Educational Buildings
Commercial Facilities
Public Buildings
Parking Facilities.
Railway and Rapid Mass Transportation System Stations.
Prefabricated Structures.

Please note that, most of the projects generated under the above mentioned groups, covered Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical Disciplines, and the company had turnkey contracts that included the preparation of construction specifications, cost estimate, and bidding packages.

Restoration and Renovation Projects:

As well as the new buildings, restoration and renovation projects of various historical monuments in Turkey and various countries were generated by the company. Site investigation and field measurements of these monuments were conducted by the technical team of Altan & Tuncer. Restitution and Restoration Projects were generated in the light of the historical information gathered and according to the results achieved from comparative studies.


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