INCIRLIK AB, ADANA / TURKEY

The aim of the project is to generate a design package for jet fuel loading facilities for tanker trucks at Incirlik A.B. Adana / Turkey. Project covers the design of a complete fuel loading / unloading site to meet jet fuel transfer requirements to and from Incirlik Air Base.
The subject design covers dense civil site works in order to provide a complete fuel truck loading and unloading station. With the project Pre-engineered fuel loading / unloading stations, fuel transfer lines with leak detection system, improved industrial type oil-water separators, site lighting/power distribution syst., fuel transfer pumps, fuel distribution pits, storm drainage systems etc. are designed to construct a complete fuel transfering station that will be integrated to the Base Fuel Systems. All pavements, storm drainage system and fuel distribution lines are designed by considering extreme prevantions to avoid the pollution of underground water sources of the base  due to possible fuel spills or leakages. Therefore sensitive leak detecting systems and two each special oil water  separators are considered and designed to be integrated to the fuel systems.
The project will avail the loading or unloading of five fuel trucks at the same time. Two of the fuel loading and unloading platforms shall be double type and shall be equipped with two top loading arms, two folding stairs with safety baskets, two flow meters, two control valves, two unloading arms, two pump stations, an access stair and a surge arrestor. All loading and unloading arms shall be stainless steel pantographs with shivivel joints.
The subject project required deep know how and investigations in order to provide a modern site where latest techniques of fuel loading / unloading and distribution systems are used.